Hi, I'm Peter.
Front End Developer from the West of Ireland. I write code, I create solutions and I design and build the UI & UX for web projects.

About Me

Peter Brunton Front End Developer

I'm a creative Front-end Developer with 5+ years of professional experience, based in the west of Ireland.

I had a keen interested in technology from a young age, my Dad bought an Apple Machintosh in the early 90's and I was always playing and experimenting on it. This interest was strengthened by my fascination in the emerging web during the 2000’s. I then studied a BS in Multimedia programming and Design in Limerick IT for my undergraduate degree and a MA in Digita Media from NUI Galway for my postgraduate degree.

Currently living in Co Cork, I have lived & worked in different locations across the West of Ireland over the past 10 years including Tralee, Limerick, Clare and Galway. Working highlights over this period include working as a web developer for one of Ireland's leading Marketing and PR companies, H+A Marketing & PR in their Galway Office and also working as a Theme Specialist & Plus Theme Specialist for the eCommerce giant Shopfiy. I also have a number of years freelance experience in web development, particularily front end development. My full cv is available here in pdf format.

I develop high quality, responsive, pixel perfect front end solutions, I have experience working across multiple platforms working on a wide varity of devices. I have vast experience with web design projects and therefore know exactly what the best decisions are from any specific spec.

I specialise in front end technologies, HTML/CSS, Javascript, JS frameworks primarily jQuery & AngularJS, GIT version controlling and the LAMP development stack. I have extensive experience with CSS frameworks like Bootstraps or boilerplates like Skeleton. I am proficient in the full range of disiplines involved in web design, inparticurly user interface design and user experience design (UI/UX).

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Skills Showcase

  • Pixel perfect front end solutions responsive across all devices
  • Expert HTML/CSS
  • Intermediate Javascript, JSON & jQuery
  • Drupal, CMS Made Simple + variety of other Content Management Systems
  • Grav and Jekyll flat file CMS's
  • Shopify eCommerce solutions
  • Experience with Gulp SASS & LESS
  • Extensive experience with the LAMP stack and Linux
  • Git version control system
  • Experience with developing HTML emails, Newsletters & eZines
  • Experience with backend programming and software development in Java, PHP & XML
  • Experience with semantic web technologies
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Attention to detail in responsive design

I have a keen eye for detail and the user experience when developing across multiple playforms. I create soultions that are balanced and consistant, that can be managed easily, with a front end design that matches the brand spec, while also delivering an awesome user experience.

Delivering projects to spec, on time

I understand the importance of delivering a project on time and I will do what it takes to make ot happen. I believe prepatatory work is key but I am also adaptable to new circumstances later on in the development process. Any new circumstances can be accommodated with the correct communication.

A passion for Front End Development and the UX

You can be assured that the project I deliver is using the most up to date technologies. I have a keen interest in the newest industry trends and innovations, I constantly keep my knowledgebase fresh, both in the field of front end develoment and the tech industry in general.

  • Expert HTML/CSS

    I have almost 10 years eperience with HTML/CSS coding and have seen the technologies blossom in recent years, adding impressive functionality to the once simple mark up languages. I'm constantly updating my skills with the newest features of HTML5 and CSS3 mark-up, in order to create user interfaces with the most consise and powerful code.

  • Javascript, jQuery AngularJS & JSON

    I'm a solid Javascript programmer, I refresh my skills continually to ensure I'm on top of my game, producing the best, most efficient code I can possibly write. I often mix between writing jQuery for DOM manipuation and event handeling while using vanilla Javascript for most other tasks, I enjoy the powerful mix between the two technologies. I have also recently learned AngularJS and I am looking forward to encorporating it into my projects more.


I'm going to use this space to write about projects and technologies I'm working on and to write down my thoughts about front end devleopment and the tech industry in general.

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